VIP Exclusive Member Card 2017

Become a VIP Exclusive Member and get the following benefits:

  • Get a yearly renewed official plastic Mai Tai VIP Card with a unique 8-digit number
  • VIP Member login code and enjoy VIP discounts in the webshop
  • Includes a FREE Promo card signed by Mai Tai
  • Get invited to attend as a VIP Member during sound checks*
  • Meet Mai Tai, chat with them personally at the end of shows and have your picture taken with them*
  • Get free access to VIP Member days or other events organized by Mai Tai
  • Win prizes such as free tickets or guest list access to shows

* Only if permitted by venue and/or event organization and in combination with valid tickets for that specific show.

Only EUR 3, - per month

Your VIP Membership is billed on a yearly basis.

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