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One of the greatest female groups from the 80's

Mai Tai's history

In the 80’s and 90’s, Mai Tai scored hit after hit throughout Europe as well as in the USA, but also in countries such as Russia, Japan, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. They hit the charts with songs like ‘1 Touch 2 Much' and 'Am I Losing You Forever’, made it into the UK Top 10 with ‘History, and ‘Body and Soul’ and claimed their success in the Billboard USA with 'Female Intuition’.


Mai Tai Gigs & Tours 2015

To be announced

12 november 2016, Nieuw Vennep

EuroPride 2016 - (Amstel 54)

August 6, 2016, Stopera stage - Amsterdam
23:00 hrs

EuroPride 2016 - (Amstel 54)

August 6, 2016, Amstel Stage, Amsterdam
21:30 hrs

40UP Zomerfestival 2016

26 juni 2016 , Utrecht - 16:00 hrs
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Tizoc Feest 2016

4 may 2016, Ede
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80's Party

30 april 2016 , UK

Tribute to 'De Marathon'

16 april 2016, Den Haag
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Megaparty Back to the 80's

2 april 2016 , Bergen op Zoom
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Sylvana's Soul Live

28 february 2016, Amsterdam - North Sea Jazz Club
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Live on Roodshow - NPO Radio 2

25 february 2016 - from 22:30 hrs - webcam and audio stream

One Nite Man' - CD Single

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  • The CD contains 2 smashing tracks: Radio edit and Remix of 'One Nite Man'
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